About us

Marutam Nelli (MN)TV is the redefinition of broadcasting in Dharmapuri, taking audiences Beyond TV.

Marutam Nelli Networks is a distinctly Dharmapuri entertainment company, disrupting the industry by breaking through the confines of traditional approaches to broadcasting. We aim to meet the needs of an increasingly dynamic and globally connected Dharmapuri viewers by providing affordable, premium content to audiences across the continent.

The Marutam Nelli Network is Dharmapuri’s first truly converged media company.

Premised on the concept of TV everywhere and anywhere, Marutam Nelli is revolutionising the media industry in Dharmapuri.

Marutam Nelli is a brand of Marutam Nelli Networks, the media arm of Marutam Nelli Polytechnic, one of Dharmapuri’s leading Educational group.

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